So who's on the talent list you ask?

We have carefully curated an extensive pool of talent, REAL PEOPLE, who are ready to create product and service reviews, based on their user experiences. 


From the woman next door with a few thousand followers or less, to the latest tiktok sensation, they all have unique qualities and are as diverse as your customers.  The one thing they do have in common, is their ability to create content that works. REAL CONTENT beyond pretty pictures and unboxings - and we've tested them to make sure!

Our campaigns don't revolve around one, two or even five creators. We match a team of creators to each brief, allowing for a balance of reach and engagement, across a number of audience types, in line with your customer profiles.


Each campaign team is selected to match your specific requirements,  - not a one size fits most approach.  How's this possible? We don't manage the talents' careers and our handpicked go-to team, is vast in numbers. 

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The sum of all

the talent

makes the difference