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It's the story of a marketer, a retail buyer, a brand owner and a PR team who collided.  All trying to solve a mystery. How to create and manage successful influencer campaigns that would speak to real people (our customers) in a real way.


Our biggest hurdles? What talent should we use? Agency, direct or both? What content works best, and how do we work with talent to optimise the content engagement? How do we easily forecast and measure results? Why do we still seem to be spending so much time on campaigns ourselves, even though we're outsourcing?

In finding the answers and building our own solutions, Socialized was born. Not as a manager of talent, a PR or marketing agency, but a REAL full service influencer marketing team.


We help brands build influencer campaigns from initial idea to reporting and everything in between, with our focus firmly planted on product sales and tangible brand success...FOR YOU!

We're excited to share what we've built.

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